Functions of our EUDI-Wallet Connector

Electronic Attribute Attestations

Issue or request electronic attribute attestations such as certificates, or qualifications to and from mobile ID-Wallets.

Strong Customer Authentication

Enable high secure authentication without password such as payment approvals or multi-factor login.

Identification (KYC)

Request a government issued PID (eID) from an EUDI-Wallet to comply with Know-your-customer requirements.

Qualified Electronic Attribute Attestations

Issue and request regulated credentials with a high level of assurance together with an eIDAS trust service provider.

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Demo for credential issuance into EU ID-Wallet

Simply issue one of the four proofs via QR code or e-mail directly into your own wallet.

Demo for credential verification into EU ID-Wallet

Have you already issued a certificate? Here you can simply request it by QR code or e-mail.

Lissi EUDI-Wallet pilot program

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Early preparation for eIDAS 2 requirements and obligations
Testing of potential use cases
Better understanding of processes and user acceptance
Validation of required technical integration and performance
Risk mitigation through testing and integration in a controlled environment
Exclusive insights into strategic developments at European level
Early strategic positioning as a first mover
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eIDAS 2 for digital identity

The European regulation introduces the European digital Identity Wallet “EUDI-Wallet” for identification, authentication and (qualified) electronic attribute attestations. We enable you to leverage this new potential and integrate use-cases with our API software.

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Supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Actions
Lissi is fostered by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action of Germany. The support is part of the showcase projects for digital Identity and is continuing until 2024.
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