What advantages does the Lissi EUDI-Wallet Connector offer?

Faster integration

Faster integration of use cases

Simple integration

Reduction in the complexity of integration

Easy maintenance

Reduction of the ongoing maintenance effort

eIDAS 2 compatibility

Compatibility with the European Digital Identity System (eIDAS)

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Which functions does the Lissi EUDI-Wallet Connector offer?

Issuance of electronic attestations of attributes
Verification of electronic attestations of attributes
Revocation of electronic attestations of attributes
Authentication of EUDI-Wallet users

Functions of the Lissi EUDI-Wallet Connector

Support for EUDI-Wallets that support the technical specifications of the eIDAS 2 Architecture Reference Framework (incl. Lissi ID-Wallet)
Multi wallet
Multi-tenant capability - create subdivisions of your organisation to represent different legal entities or departments
Trust management -
management of
trustworthy issuers
Support of
call-back URLs
better user acceptance
Qualified website
authentication certificates
(QWAC) for high trust

How you can benefit

Cost reduction

Reduce risks and costs by using verifiable credentials for your processes.


Increase efficiency and decision-making speed through automated decision-making.

Reusable Identity

Minimise third-party dependencies and costs by relying on verifiable customer data stored in the wallet


Adapt your information needs depending on the use case with selective disclosure.

Conversion Rates

Increase your conversion rate through a smooth flow from offer to purchase process

Access to offers

Facilitate access to your offers with the digital customer card.

No Middle-man

Exclude commission-hungry middle men from your customer relationship.

Trust Relationships

Manage customer data transparently and increase trust in your organisation

Direct Offer

Place new service or product offers directly in the ID-Wallet of your customers.

Vouchers & Discounts

Send sales promotions directly to your customers' ID-Wallet


Increase customer loyalty through increased personalisation and improved customer retention.

Lifetime value

Increase the lifetime value of your customers through a lasting customer relationship.

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Demo for credential issuance into EU ID-Wallet

Simply issue one of the four proofs via QR code or e-mail directly into your own wallet.

Demo for credential verification into EU ID-Wallet

Have you already issued a certificate? Here you can simply request it by QR code or e-mail.

Easily host and implement our solution

API Integration

Connect your internal IT-infrastructure with easy to handle REST APIs with our EUDI-Wallet Connector.

API Integration

On Premise Hosting

The Lissi EUDI-Wallet Connector is available as cloud offering for testing purposes and as Docker On-Premise software for productive use cases.

On premise hosting

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