Adrian Doerk presenting an European digital Identity Wallet.

eIDAS 2 for digital identity

The European regulation introduces the European digital Identity Wallet (EUDI) for identification, authentication and (qualified) electronic attribute attestations. We enable you to leverage this new potential with eIDAS 2 compliant API software.

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Core aspects of the eIDAS 2 regulation


Providing a common European approach to digital identity enabling cross-border use of digital identification and attribute attestations.

Architecture Reference Framework

Specifications for developing an interoperable European Digital Identity Wallet solution based on common standards and practices.

Large Scale Pilots

The four projects EWC, Nobid, Potential and DC4EU generate practical experience with EUDI Wallet use cases to provide feedback to the legislative process.

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Contact verification

Lissi Wallet displays trust indicators, guiding users in identifying organizations. It suggests actions and labels buttons accordingly.

Lissi ID-Wallet roadmap

We created a publicly accessable roadmap for the Lissi Wallet. Hence, you can take a look what features will be available in the next months.

Admin user interface

The Admin UI of the Lissi Agent enables you to manage your agent and perform actions without deep technical knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

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