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Showing ID at airport

PID-Verification for KYC

Significantly increase the efficiency of your organisation's KYC processes and dramatically reduce costs with the verification of the Person Identification Data. Integrate the EUDI-Wallet and the Lissi EUDI-Wallet Connector software into your services to streamline the verification process.

Enable easy KYC Processes

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Bring eIDAS compliant strong customer authentication to your organisation and benefit from highly secure authentication for payment approvals or multi-factor logins without the need for a user password.

Increase security with SCA
Approve login to banking
Issuing credentials with customer

Issuing and verification of credentials (EEAs)  

Create completely new user experiences and streamline current processes by issuing and requesting secure digital credentials such as certificates, qualifications, tickets or other proofs to and from a user's EUDI-Wallet.

Improve processes with credentials

Secure credentials (QEAAs)

Eliminate expensive and slow analogue processes by issuing and requesting highly secure digital credentials in collaboration with an eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider.

Increase trusted interactions
Government stamp to issue

eIDAS 2 credentials




EUDI-Wallet conform

EU-wide standardisation

Support selective disclosure


Attributes that require a moderate trust level

Non-identification attributes, that require high trust level

Identification attributes of a person


Moderate security

High level of security and assurance

Highest level of security and assurance

Data source

Derived from reliable source in the attributes domain

Derived from an authentic source

Authentic source, which is authorised by a member state

Validated by

Validated by primary instance of the attribute

Validated by qualified 
trust service provider

Validated by qualified trust service provider

Basis for

All services that only need moderate trust levels

Basis for all high trust services outside the identification scope

Basis for all 
identification services

Use cases

Employee card, student-IDs, customer cards and many more

Tax data, mobile driver licence and many more

Identification (Know-your-customer)

Overview of the eIDAS ecosystem
and EUDI-Wallet use cases

Overview of the eIDAS ecosystem and EUDI-Wallet use cases

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Every use case you implement today will greatly pay off over the next years with regulatory compliance and increased process optimisation.

30+ use cases

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