The Lissi Wallet

Import physical cards, store digital passes and receive verified credentials.

The Lissi Wallet is now available!

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All digital identities on your phone

The Lissi Wallet offers an easy way to manage your contacts and credentials. Companies and institutions can directly issue or request credentials. The Lissi Wallet is the central point to authenticate yourself, log in to online services, manage existing physical cards, go online shopping, access buildings and much more.

Your identity, your wallet, your data sovereignty: Provided by Lissi.

A hand, which holds a smartphone
Evolution of Web 1, 2 and 3.

Login, credentials and communication in one app

We enable passwordless authentication, the management of verified credentials and the communication with organisations in one application.

Benefits for Users

The increasing fragmentation of your digital identity causes confusion. With Lissi you have all your identity data in your hand and can manage credentials, track information sharing and interact with your trusted contacts.

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Data portability

Take your data and transfer it to a compatible provider of your choice. Your data - your choice!

A lock on a shield illustrating security.

Data protection

When you share data your wallet will create a history for you.  

A hand which can toggle different settings.

Consent management

We offer explicit consent management and a transparent history.

Lissi who thinks about acceptance or denial.


Nobody can terminate your “account”, because you don’t have a central account, which could be terminated.

A certification illustrating standards.

International standards

Your data is based on international standards allowing global usage.

A phone in chains indicating protection.

Privacy by design

Encrypted communication and data as well as minimal disclosure.

With great power comes great responsibility!

Do your own backup

We can't access your data! Hence, you need to do a backup of your wallet. Should you lose your phone or access to your Wallet you need the backup to restore its content. Without the backup your data will be lost permanently.

Only you know your contacts

We can't monitor with whom you are exchanging information. You can be the most famous person and interact with thousands of contacts - we won't and don't want to know.

Only you know your credentials

Digital credential contain a lot of personal data. The aggregation of all your credentials and personal data should only be known by you. We don't know if you have 5 or 500 credentials within your wallet.

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