Lissi ID-Wallet

Easy access to digital services
Manage and present digital credentials
Login without password
Loyalty cards always available
Interactions with trusted contacts
Available on the Apple App StoreAvailable on the Google Play Store
Illustration of the Lissi ID-Wallet app with multiple credentials / EAAs

User Flow with the Lissi ID-Wallet

Test it with our demonstration

How can you interact with public organisations and large enterprises? Our demo provides an overview of different use cases.

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Functions of the Lissi ID-Wallet

Receive and manage
digital credentials
Login without password
Receive news
Establish trusted
Receive verifiable

PDF documents
Import physical cards
View history
of interactions
Backup and
restore the wallet
Present verifiable information

Privacy by design

Make your own backup

Backup your wallet! If you lose your phone or access, only the backup can restore it. Without it, the data is lost

Only you know your contacts

We don't track your interactions. Whether you're famous or have thousands of contacts, we remain unaware.

Only you know your credentials

Digital credentials hold personal data. Only you should know all your data. We can't tell if you have 5 or 500 in your wallet.

What data categories your ID-Wallet can contain

Verifable & regulated
Verified IBAN
Tax ID
Insurance claim
Verifable & Regulated
Login Token
Employee pass
Learner Credentials
Verifable & Regulated
Delivery Address
Clothing Size

Frequently Asked Questions

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