Lissi ID-Wallet Connector

Easily pilot use cases with ID-Wallets as cloud service and put into production as on-premise integration to prepare for eIDAS 2.0 compliance.

A laptop illustrating the User interface of the Lissi ID-Wallet connector software for organisations.

Functions of the ID-Wallet Connector

Illustration of the user interface to issue credentials with Lissi

Credential issuance

Define, issue and revoke electronic attribute attestations for employees, customers, citizens or similar clients.

Credential verification

Cross-sector verification of verifiable credentials from your clients or business contacts via web app, desktop application or API integration with advanced trust management.

Illustration of the Lissi ID-Wallet when presenting verifiable credentials
Website, which illustrates an QR-Code and a button to login with Lissi


Wallet based authentication without password ensures secure and convenient access to your systems for your clients.


End-to-end encrypted communication channel to your clients or citizens.

Permanent communication channel
Support of hyperlinks and emojis
Send digital documents as PDFs (contracts, invoices etc.)
To a single or multiple clients
Lissi ID-Wallet with messages

Need to verify the identity of an organisation?

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Organisational digital identity

How can you interact with public organisations and large enterprises as a legal entity? Our demo setup provides an overview of different use cases.

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How you can benefit


Your communication gets more attention in the ID Wallet than in the overcrowded e-mail inbox

Conversion Rates

Increase your conversion rate through a smooth flow from offer to purchase process

Access to offers

Facilitate access to your offers with the digital customer card.

No Middle-man

Exclude commission-hungry middle men from your customer relationship.

Verifiable data

Reduce risks and costs by using verifiable credentials for your processes.


Increase efficiency and decision-making speed through automated decision-making.


Minimise third party dependencies and costs by relying on verifiable data provided by your customers aka. "Bring your own identity"


Adapt your information needs depending on the use case with selective disclosure.

Direct Offer

Place new service or product offers directly in the ID-Wallet of your customers.

Vouchers & Discounts

Send sales promotions directly to your customers' ID-Wallet


Increase customer loyalty through increased personalisation and improved customer retention.

Lifetime value

Increase the lifetime value of your customers through a lasting customer relationship.

How to get started

Free to test
Easy onboarding and testing with SaaS
Full credentialing offer (issuance, verification, revocation etc.)
Great for internal evaluation of ID-Wallet strategy
Access to user interface to easily build PoCs
Paid pilot
Either SaaS or on-premise
Professional guidance
Advanced features such as messaging
Comprehensive API access
Productive Setup
On-premise hosting
eIDAS 2.0 ARF compliance
Connector Software + ID-Wallet
HSM support with x509 keys
Comprehensive API access

Frequently Asked Questions

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