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Lissi Connect

Convenient and flexible authentication

A smartphone with a lissi connect icon.
  • Easy customer authentication

  • Low cost access to verified information

  • Build on open standards

  • Use case independent

  • Direct private channel for customer interactions

  • Verification of verified credentials

  • Issuance of verified credentials

  • Passwordless login

  • Direct B2C text messaging (coming soon)

Your direct connection - with Lissi Connect

It is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that can be easily integrated into existing systems. The control over the customer interface always lies with the two parties who initially created the communication channel.

Login Interface

The password needs to retire. Easy login with Lissi Connect instead!

Registration process

You can keep control of the customer touch points and position your brand as usual.

Issuance of login credential

The user receives a login credential, which you can illustrate according to your wishes.

Receive authentication data

The user gets an information request when authenticating at your service.

The Lissi Platform in one video

A tablet around the video.

Lissi Agent

Scalable and easy to integrate relationship and credential management

The application allows institutions to issue or request identity data to third parties in an easy and secure way or to revoke this data, if necessary. The application can be used in a business-to-customer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-machine (B2M) environment. The application is compatible with most Hyperledger Indy networks, such as the IDunion Network or the Sovrin network.

A laptop with the user interface of the lissi Agent.

Features offered by the Lissi Agent

Smartphone illustration

Device Binding

Capability to verify the identity issued by the German government.

Issuance & Verification

Issue, verify and revoke verifiable credentials.

User Interface

UI for administrative purposes.


Comprehensive REST-APIs to connect existing IAM tooling.

The application at a glance

Overview with screenshots and description of the application


The Lissi identity management starts with a clear dashboard.


Once established connections serve as trusted communication channel for interactions.


A schema is the sum of all attributes of a credential.

Credential Definition

To issue credentials, a credential definition must be created and signed by the issuer as template.


Templates for standardized identity inquiries can be created in the ‘Proofs’ tab.

Pricing plan

We are currently offering all our products for free for test purposes

Lissi Wallet
With the Lissi Wallet you have all your identity data in your hand and can manage credentials, track information sharing and interact with your trusted contacts.
for end users
Easy user guidance and convenient usage
Data portability and international standards
Data protection with privacy by design
Easy consent management with enhanced control over your identity
Lissi Connect
Lissi Connect enables the authentication of users without passwords. In addition to user authentication, Lissi Connect offers the possibility to issue and retrieve digital proofs.
Free for testing
Product in development
Issuance of verified credentials
Verification of verified credentials
Passwordless login
Direct customer communication (coming soon)
Lissi Agent
The application allows institutions to issue or request identity data to third parties or to revoke this data, if necessary.
Free for testing
Contact us for a quote for production cases
On premise hosting
Admin UI
Device binding support
Comprehensive APIs
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