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Phone illustrating an customer card in the Lissi ID-Wallet

Digital customer cards

Expand your digital customer relationship and benefit from the communicative and sales-promoting digital customer card to increase customer loyalty.

Boost customer loyalty

Employee credentials

Bring your employees into the digital world with Lissi and benefit from more security, efficiency and flexibility.

Increase process efficiancy
Lissi ID-Wallet illustrating an employee credential.
Lissi ID-Wallet illustrating an access credential

Access management

Improve your digital and physical access management with Lissi and grant access to different stakeholders with verifiable credentials.

Enable secure access

Grow with Experience

Future proof

Every use case you implement today will greatly pay off over the next years with regulatory compliance and increased process optimisation.

30+ use cases

Lissi is used by diverse set of stakeholders for very different use cases. You can be creative and add a new one.

Professional partnership

We have several experienced implementation partners, who are delighted to support you in your use case implementation.