Digital customer cards

Expand your digital customer relationship and benefit from the communicative and sales-promoting digital customer card to increase customer loyalty.

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The issue with current customer cards

Up to now, customer cards have mostly been issued as plastic cards with a barcode or QR-code printed on them. The process is very time-consuming and expensive, as each customer card has to be printed individually. Many companies are moving towards offering their own apps on the smartphone, in which customer cards are usually stored as QR-code. The customer cards are redeemed by scanning the QR-code at a physical checkout or by entering the associated customer number in the digital customer route.

Use an ID-Wallet to strengthen your customer relationship

The digital customer card secures your connection with the customer and multiplies your interaction possibilities. Once stored in the customer's digital wallet, it serves as a login card to your online offering, as well as an on-site customer card. Digital delivery of personalised vouchers, invoices or new terms and conditions is also possible. The customer card can be issued, managed and, if necessary, revoked digitally and can be easily integrated into your existing processes. In addition to the customer card itself, a secure communication channel is established between your company and your customers to send information and offers to customers.

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Illustration of the Lissi ID-Wallet showing an customer card

Our solution offers the following functions

Immediate issuance, revocation or replacement of the loyalty card
Direct messaging to the customers ID-wallet
Fast onboarding directly from the wallet
Arbitrary selection of attributes (can e.g. include shipping address or payment information)
Generic identity wallet for storing the customer card in an open data format
Cryptographic security and protection against forgery
Customer card as means of authentication replaces user name and password
Issuance of any any kind of document as verifiable PDF
Use across company domains (e.g. in subsidiaries)

Digital Customer card with Lissi


Offers or personalised vouchers can directly be sent to customers. Increased conversion rate by sending messages to the ID-wallet instead of a cluttered email inbox.


There is no need to issue plastic cards or develop a separate app. A scanner is no longer required at the point of sale. Expensive postage can be reduced or omitted.


Our customer card solution can be used fully digitally as well as physically at the point of sale, as well as in the digital sales channel, and is ideal for omnichannel sales.


Communication with the customer takes place directly in the app in a separate customer channel. Emails and postal communication can be greatly reduced or completely eliminated.


Digital customer cards are stored directly in the app on the smartphone, eliminating the need to print a plastic card.

Benefit for the customer

The digital customer card can be used directly for authentication on the company website. Customers do not have to remember additional user names or passwords. No profiling of customer data - each customer card is stored separately and is only known to the customer and the respective company.