Digital employee card

Bring your employees into the digital world with Lissi and benefit from more security, efficiency and flexibility.

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The problem with employee cards

Until now, employee cards have mostly been issued as NFC cards to access office buildings or pay in the cafeteria. However, the digital world of work is significantly changing the requirements for employee cards and, in addition to access to physical resources, access to digital resources such as applications and websites is moving into focus.

With Lissi, physical cards are a thing of the past!

With the Lissi Agent, we offer a SaaS solution with which employee cards can be issued, managed and, if necessary, revoked digitally. Employees conveniently store their employee cards in a digital ID-wallet on their smartphone and can thus identify themselves as employees and authenticate digitally at any time.In addition to the employee card, other employee credentials such as qualifications, training certificates, job-specific credentials or authorisations can be stored and digitally verified. In addition to employee cards, access cards for external service providers or visitors can also be issued.

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Illustration of the Lissi ID-Wallet showing an employee credential

An overview of the functions

Credential storage and presentation with the smartphone
Cryptographic security and protection against forgery
Easy issuance and cancellation without physical contact
Secure access to digital resources (digital applications, websites, etc.)
Issuance of any employee credential such as anniversary cards, licences etc.
Domain independent usage, i.e. third parties are also able to request and verify an employee card
Domain independent usage, i.e. third parties are also able to request and verify an employee card

Digital employee cards are more secure because they are cryptographically protected and therefore much more difficult to forge.


Digital employee cards facilitate the management of access rights and employee data. They enable multifunctional use offline as well as online. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors.


Digital employee cards can be easily adapted and revoked, for example if an employee's access rights change. They can also be used for different purposes.


Digital employee cards are stored directly in an app on the employee's smartphone. For this reason, they are forgotten less often and are less susceptible to loss or damage.


Digital employee cards contribute to a more sustainable working environment as they reduce paper consumption and avoid waste.

Employee benefits

Digital employee credentials provide a digital portfolio for employees, for example by documenting their qualifications and experience. This is a helpful support for employees in their career development.