Physical Access Management for Employees and visitors

Level up your physical access management with Lissi and provide access to different stakeholders with verifiable credentials.

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The problem with
Physical Access Management

While employees might have their access credentials already, infrequent or short term visitors oftentimes require the review of the access rights by the doorkeeper checking internal systems or even contacting the staff who invited them. Once checked the visitors get a paper credential proving their access rights.

Provide access convieniently through the Lissi Wallet App

Your organisation issues digital verifiable credentials via email to all people who require physical access to your venue. Your doorkeeper can easily request the credentials via QR-code and can ensure the authenticity once digitally presented by the visitor. The presentation and verification is done within seconds without additional hardware.

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Illustration of the Lissi ID-Wallet showing an physical access credential

An overview of the features

Immediate issue, revoke or replace an access credential
Issue access credentials to employees, external staff, visitors and more
No need for specialised hardware, a smartphone is enough.
Messaging to people with access credentials (e.g. for updates of opening hours)
Arbitrary selection of attributes for attribute- or role based access management
Cryptographic security and protection against forgery
Use across corporate domains - e.g. verify an employee credential issued by one of your partners or suppliers.
Use for different types of credentials such as training certificates, employee benefits or login credentials.

The access credentials are based on strong encryption eliminating forgery.


There is no need to manage plastic cards or develop a separate app. No need for expensive hardware purchase.


The solution can be used for your own employees, guest workers, suppliers or visitors. It also enables attribute and / or role based access to different kinds of venues.


You can send information directly to the wallet of your visitors, reducing the need for emails, which oftentimes are not read on time.


Access credentials are stored directly in the wallet app on the smartphone, eliminating the need to print a plastic card or paper.

Employee benefits

Simple and intuitive management and presentation of access cards.